Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm a new Christian. I recommitted my life to Christ about 2 years ago. I say about because I don't have the exact date but although I don't know the exact date I can remember every detail about that moment. Of course I remember...my life changed forever from that minute on and I have never looked back. The Lord Jesus Christ offers salvation to all of us and all we must do is receive the free gift of life he offers. So after I received this gift I must admit for a day or two, I was actually numb. I have talked to others who describe how they were so blissful and happy and filled for joy. I think I was very solemn. I took a long time coming to the Lord and spent time reflecting on the changes and the cost of my new relationship with the Lord.

My mom, in SC and younger brother, in Texas, who were already believers were very happy that I had come into the family of God but at home, I am the only believer and I knew what a challenge that would be in my life. Actually that challenge was the thing that kept me from coming to the Lord years ago when I first heard his voice calling me. So what changed you might wonder....

About 3 years ago my mother gave my son a few books that were from the Left Behind: The Kids series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. I discovered soon after that there were books for adults too and I read the entire series. While I read I admired those tribulation saints who were giving it all for Christ in the most terrible of circumstances but realized I did not want to be a tribulation saint. I asked a friend at work where she went to church and she invited me and I started going to church.

I liked the church. Everyone seemed so sincere and the messages on Sunday morning seemed applicable to my life. It didn't hurt that they had a very active youth program either. At the time I believed every person in service was a believer and I was so afraid that it would be found out that I was not. Well in childhood I had been to church A LOT. I knew all the catchphrases and idioms. I could talk church with the best. I knew all the songs and even had verses highlighted in my bible.

At some point I felt the love of God touch my heart or rather speak to my mind and I didn't want to be a pretender any longer.

One Sunday after service I asked to speak to someone and I told her how I'd done many alter calls and had several "conversions" but none of them had really took. I was ready for a real conversion.

Since my conversion I've been collecting books and other resources to help me grow. Every once in a while something I've been studying clicks and I get it and I'm so excited I want to share it with other newbies. I figure we can all learn together.

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  1. This is my first time to your blog so I just want to say - Welcome to the family of God!