Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blizzard of 2009

The Blizzard of 2009 hit Connecticut on December 19th. Winter Storm Albert arrived in my neck of the woods around 8pm and didn't stop dumping fluffy snow until Sunday afternoon. Below are a few pictures.

The back steps...

Mike's Mustang....


Looks like hard work but he's having a ball...

I spent some time shoveling...I knew I wasn't really going to be able to clear much but I was able to uncover my car so I could get out to the store to pick up Malachai's birthday cake.

Yes I realize his name is spelled wrong. But hey they knocked $6 off the price of the cake because of it. Oh...it gets better. I thought I had candles at home but I didn't so I had to jury rig a zero and a five to make a one and a seven. Poor Mal had such a messed up cake but you know he never complained. Not once.

Happy Birthday my dear firstborn...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Organizing Blog Junkie

Yes, I'm an organizing blog junkie! I love reading about how to tame clutter and how much housework I can do in 15 minutes. I especially love to look at photo journals of cleverly organized desks, pantries, closets and laundry rooms.

I read these blogs and say to myself....this sounds simple but I rarely follow any of the suggestions do you know why?

1. Whether or not I love it or use it regularly I find it very hard to throw things away. I'm one of those "what if I need it again" people. You know you always need it right after you throw it out.

2. Everything doesn't have a home....probably because I won't throw anything away. It's hard to clear counters, tables or desks when there isn't a definite place to put things....I know throw stuff away.

3. The one thing that does work is the lists of "Things you can do in 15 minutes". I have found that in 15 minutes I really can.

- vacuum the living room (if there are not toys strewn all over the floor)
- disinfect the counter tops (after I move the crock pot and other small appliances that live on the counter,very little cabinet space)
-sweep the kitchen floor
-scrub toilets
-fold laundry (easy...it's putting it away that takes days).

All in all I think I like to live vicariously through these women who have it all together. My favorites are:
-Laura @ I'm an Organizing Junkie
-Aby @ Creative Organizing
Lara @The Lazy Organizer

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preview love?

I've been considering going through The Love Dare after the first of the year. My husband is not yet a Christian and I feel the Lord urging me to be more proactive concerning our relationship. I need to love him more and I know this exercise will help me focus on that.
I went to Borders and flipped through the book. I found myself previewing the devotionals wondering if I was willing to do all the exercises in the book. While flipping through I thought to myself...".what are you doing? Are you really considering not going through this challenge if some of the exercises are too hard or distasteful to you in some way?" I was actually ashamed of myself. If it were easy they wouldn't call it a challenge, would they.
After I got home I remembered a sermon I'd heard on Familynet radio where the pastor posed the question "Are you willing to do what God asks without reservation or do you need to know all the details BEFORE you decide to do what is asked?
That night I prayed that I would wholeheartedly embrace the 40 day challenge. I will even endeavor not to read ahead but focus on each day's challenge before moving on the next day.

Has anyone else gone through The Love Dare? Any suggestions for someone embarking on this journey?