Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preview love?

I've been considering going through The Love Dare after the first of the year. My husband is not yet a Christian and I feel the Lord urging me to be more proactive concerning our relationship. I need to love him more and I know this exercise will help me focus on that.
I went to Borders and flipped through the book. I found myself previewing the devotionals wondering if I was willing to do all the exercises in the book. While flipping through I thought to myself...".what are you doing? Are you really considering not going through this challenge if some of the exercises are too hard or distasteful to you in some way?" I was actually ashamed of myself. If it were easy they wouldn't call it a challenge, would they.
After I got home I remembered a sermon I'd heard on Familynet radio where the pastor posed the question "Are you willing to do what God asks without reservation or do you need to know all the details BEFORE you decide to do what is asked?
That night I prayed that I would wholeheartedly embrace the 40 day challenge. I will even endeavor not to read ahead but focus on each day's challenge before moving on the next day.

Has anyone else gone through The Love Dare? Any suggestions for someone embarking on this journey?

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