Friday, June 11, 2010

Coming up fast

My baby is graduating from high school in a few days and then he plans to join the Navy.  I actually had a mini panic attack the other night as I realized there will be a day when he doesn't live at home anymore.  Where have the years gone? 
When he was little we all were sure Mal was going to be a vet or work in a zoo.  He had such an interest and passion for animals or rather I should say mammals.  He wasn't very interested in insects, reptiles or marine life.
I must admit I worry about my baby.  You didn't hear it from me but Mal is a bit of a follower I think.  That by itself isn't bad as long as you follow the right people.
His greatest quality I believe is that he is very kind and considerate of others.  I'll never forget.  One day we were in Walmart and a lady knocked into a display and everything fell to the floor.  Mal looked over and said.  "Mom, I'm going to go help her with that. "  He walked over and helped the lady pick up all the items that dropped.  I remember wanting to shout "That's my son over there helping out a stranger!"  I was so proud.  Malachai is also very good with young children.  I watch him with his little brother and he amazes me how he can get Samuel to understand almost anything.  He just seems go "get" little kids and has lots of patience too.

My prayer for Malachai is:
1.  He will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his saviour and live his life for him.
2. Everything else will be just great.

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