Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Graduates


Look at him.  I can't believe that just 13 short years ago this was Malachai on his first day of Kindergarten.

So after.....
  • numerous broken fingers (eventually the ER Nurse just sent me home with finger splints and tape to save me a trip)
  • 1 broken arm
  • 1 ugly leg scar (ER dr called it a zipper)
  • 1 broken collarbone
  • and a black eye that I didn't notice
Malachai walked across the stage picking up his empty diploma cover.  Apparently you can't give them their diploma or they'll misbehave.  It's sad I think.


This is the only cap and gown photo of Mike I have because.........

right after the ceremony he raced home to change for Project Graduation.

When Mike came from Massachusetts to live with us it was an adventure.  Two teenage boys under the same roof (Yikes!)
Mike can be so independent and when he has a passion for something he really goes all out. 
Mike is...
  • a very good guitarist
  • has a very uncanny way of putting together Geotrax train sets.  He can do it without a plan and never makes a one way loop. 
  • taught his 3 year old baby brother to ride a two-wheeler WITHOUT training wheels
  • tried to teach his baby brother how to play guitar ( 4 year olds have short attention spans...who knew?)

Gives his brother rides.

        • Helps me carry in groceries without being asked.

        • Is a great person

        Only 12 more years until high school graduation.  I'll be 55 years old.

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        1. I love how you see each of your boys as an individual and how proud of each one you are. You have a beautiful family!