Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Real Christians

When I was a baby christian I was listening to Todd Friel back when he was was on Way of the Master. He was telling a story of how he went to a service once without a bible.  The minister as he started his message told everyone to open their Bibles and if someone did not have a bible they should slide over on the pew next to a REAL christian. Todd remarked that after that he never went anywhere without his bible.

That story had a great impact on me.  I will confess that I carry a small bible in my purse.  It's a little purple FaithGirlz bible and it's wonderful for keeping up on reading, if I'm stuck waiting somewhere or for a quick reference....I used to take great pride (goes before destruction) that I a1ways had my Bible with me.
I also knew that real Christians read their Bible daily.  Well even though I had a Bible with me always I wasn't reading it.  Too many distractions.  TV, computer, housework.  I felt so guilty about not reading my Bible.  I agonized about it...or if I did read in the back of my mind there was self talk that went like this..."So you're'll never memorize any of those verses"..."You've only got time to read for about 10-15 minutes tops...why even bother"..."Reading during your lunch break doesn't count...Real quiet time with the Lord is first thing in the morning, while you're alone, in the quiet"

As I've grown I now realize Bible in my purse or no's all about God's word in my heart.
Beating myself up and negative self-talk is just want the evil one wants.  Daily bible reading has been one of the hardest Christian disciplines for me but I'm getting stronger each day...

What about you?  Did you have ideas about what made a perfect Christian?

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