Friday, March 18, 2011

Still the baby?

“Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.  But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil”  Hebrews 5:13-14

I’ve been a Christian for years now…I wish I could give you an exact date but I can’t because I can’t remember.  There are those that tell me that I should know.  It’s an important date after all.  It’s my spiritual birthday so why don’t I know the date?  Perhaps at the time I didn’t think my commitment would last or perhaps I felt it was something I’d always remember.  I mean, I can recall the moment very clearly and I know it was on a Sunday.  I know who prayed with me and who was in the room as I prayed to recommit my life to Jesus but the month and date escapes me.  I do know the least I’m pretty certain it was 2007.  How do I know that…well here’s how I figured it out.

In 2006 I went to a girl’s weekend with my friends in Vermont!  It was a memorable weekend with drinking, drinking games, getting drunk , board games, lots of food and fun.  I was NOT a Christian when I attended that weekend getaway.  Well, in April of 2008 I visited my mother and we spent time reading our Bible together and praying together.  We had another girl’s weekend which was pretty much like the weekend in 2006 but this time I didn’t do much drinking (yes, I was doing some drinking but I wasn’t getting drunk…didn’t feel like it.)  I spent time getting up early to pray and read my Bible.  Based on those two events I know I became a Christian sometime during 2007 and I think it was in the fall.  Before Christmas I think.  You know what’s funny.  My mom sent me a book of devotions for new Christians right after I told her that I became a Christian.  Usually she writes in the books she sends me and dates them but not this time…when it matters most.  Huh?  Anyway I’m rambling…thank you for hanging in there with me because I do have a point and here it is.

I’m a 4 year old Christian…so I’m not a baby anymore.  Seriously…ask any 4 year old if he/she is a baby and they will tell you emphatically “No!  I’m not a baby!”  So if I’m not a baby, why do I feel the need to tell people “I’m just a baby Christian?”  I have 2 ideas.

  1. Babies don’t have to know the things someone who is older knows.
  2. Babies don’t have the responsibilities that someone older has.

As a baby Christian I think I have an excuse when I struggle to find a passage in the Bible…who is Joel?  Haggai? If anyone else is in the same boat here’s something I have learned…..if you don’t recognize the name it’s probably in the Old Testament and it’s near the back, between Daniel and Malachi!    Little children in Awana can recite the books of the Bible in order!  There’s no reason a 5 year old Christian shouldn’t at least know the names of all 66 books.  I’ve had plenty of time!

I don’t have many Bible verses committed to memory either…after all babies can’t memorize stuff like that!  Can they?

As a baby Christian I can’t possibly witness or teach!  I don’t know enough! Remember I don’t have verses memorized.  Mature Christians can handle those tasks, I’m still learning.  Really?  After 5 years I know what Jesus wants me to tell others (1) All need to be saved (2) Jesus and only Jesus can save you.

So it’s time to grow up!  It’s time to make the choice to make the time (create opportunities)  because I’ve had plenty of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc) to grow.

There is great blessing in growing up in my relationship with Christ.  As I grow in my relationship and God is able to use me I will be blessed.  God wants to bless me but I have to make the effort to move ahead and mature.

Dear Lord…I want to grow and mature.  I want to learn your will for my life and have you use me.  Forgive my laziness.  Amen


  1. Maybe I should have read my own testimony page. I have listed there March 2008 as my spiritual birthday.