Saturday, July 23, 2011

Am I the only one who …

Am I the only one who has trouble reading through the book of Exodus?  The other day I was watching “Moses” on TBN.  It was the standard from bulrushes to the promised land story but I must admit that there were parts of the movie where I wasn’t sure if the movie makers took some poetic license or if the events were biblical.  So I picked up my Bible and started with Exodus 1:1.  I was doing great with reading.  I still can’t seem to name all the plagues, much less name them in order…sort of reminds me of trying to name the 7 dwarfs because I ALWAYS seem to forget Bashful.  Anyways I reading along and it’s all pretty exciting reading until I get to….can you guess…yes..Exodus 21.  It’s right after the Ten Commandments.  Then comes the rest of laws and they go on for quite a few chapter.  At first, very interesting reading, laws about how to treat slaves, laws about property, laws about justice.  I found it all fascinating.  Got me thinking about the way our justice system works today.  Then I turned the page and BAM! It’s all about the offerings for the Tabernacle and building The Ark. 

Maybe it I were into carpentry and the like I’d find this all fascinating but this is about where I lose interest and move on to another book.  I’ve heard Leviticus and Numbers are equally riveting so I usually skip over to Joshua.  I do realize that you can’t read through the entire Bible by skipping books in the Bible so if anyone has any suggestions for making it through the mind-numbing details found in the rest of Exodus please let me know how you get through it.   

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