Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 Things to do when you find yourself home alone!

I’m not talking about when you know you’re going to be home alone because whenever that happens you’ve most likely planned your day in advance.  I’m talking about when your husband appears in the doorway with the kids and says “Hey babe…going to (does it really matter) and I’m taking the kids with me (Yippee!!!).  We should be back in a few hours (music to my ears!)

Immediately, I’m like…What do I do with myself!?  Well here’s some ideas, in case you’re thinking of grabbing a mop and bucket or cleaning out a closet!

  1. A long soak in the tub complete with bubble bath (be sure to have some on hand for just such an occasion).
  2. Watch a wonderful tear-jerker, girl-empowerment film, or some other chick-flick you can’t watch when everyone is home.  Don’t forget the popcorn!
  3. Write – blog, journal, recipes, doesn’t matter!
  4. Read – a blog, recipes, novel, Bible, trashy harlequin, doesn’t matter!
  5. Phone a friend – be totally understanding if she seems distracted, after all she might not have your good fortune of having the morning or afternoon to herself.

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