Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Found It!

It's back...I knew it was somewhere in the house and finally I found it.  My watch has been missing for about 3 weeks...I think it disappeared right after Malachai left for Virginia, so before Thanksgiving.  I've felt absolutely naked without it.  It's such a pain to pull out my cell phone every time I need to know the time (I mean when out and about...at home there's usually a clock within sight).
My watch is NOTHING special to look at but it is special to me.  My Timex has been with me for 17 years!  My wonderful husband gave it to me when we were dating and I just keep buying new watch bands and replacing the batteries!  Back when he bought it for me, the Sun/Moon cutout was popular and I mentioned to him that I needed a watch and that I wanted one with the cutout. He being a good boyfriend complied.  Awww...dating!  Anyway, It's found and I'm so happy!  Just in case you're wondering, it was in the flatware/napkin caddy we used for Malachai's coming home party...I was putting away the pasta maker and while up on the step stool I saw the watch in the caddy. I squealed in delight and put my watch on...Hooray.

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