Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sew Intimidated!

It’s named the Singer Confidence Quilter 7429. Confidence…yes that’s exactly what I need.

This is what I got for Christmas this year.  I asked for a sewing machine and that’s what I got. When I pulled it from the box I was instantly intimidated.  I mean just look at it.


Look at all the buttons…

singer stylist

Less buttons….

The machine I wanted (Singer Confidence Stylist 7467) was out of stock so instead of back-ordering the machine I wanted the seller sent this with a note that they were “upgrading” my machine.  So this machine isn’t as basic as I expected and so here it sits until I figure out what to do first…anyone have any suggestions?  Help!


The original plan was to start out with something simple like maybe a throw pillow and work my way up to the curtains I need to make for my office.  I just love this fabric and I have 6.5 yards of it ready to go.


I’ll admit it. I’m terrified of this machine.