Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's Not About Me

Our church has several worship bands and I have a favorite, who wouldn't, and one that is my least favorite.
When my favorite band is up front, I can't wait to start singing.  I find myself thinking, "I hope they sing (insert my favorite song).  However,  my least favorite band brings a frown to my face.  The instant I arrive in the sanctuary and see them on stage I'm disheartened.  My least favorite band plays a style of music I'm not too fond of.  They do play quite a few songs I like but because of the style of music, the songs aren't as familiar, it's either faster or slower than I'm used to.
The last time my least favorite band was up front and I actually found myself pouting.  After standing and listening to one song I next found myself having this little conversation in my head about how I just can't sing to THIS music..then the spirit..it had to be the Spirit whispered "It's not about you idiot"..Ok I added the idiot part.
I closed my eyes and asked God to forgive me for my surly attitude and began to sing..I sang to God.  In my out of tune voice I sang and praised and thanked God for the privilege to praise him.  Afterall, so manay of my brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries don't have the same privilege.

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