Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Job Hunt

"You're in'll find something in no time" is what several people have told me since my layoff in November 2012.  I know they mean well but I think they don't understand how large a field IT is.  I think they are sure that all of us IT types have the same skills and probably know each other.  I wouldn't be surprised if  people think we find all our jobs through word of mouth.  After all, we're all linked together on the Internet aren't we?

I'm convinced that I'm missing some job link or resource that everyone else knows about.  Daily I check the sites that I do know about for new job listings.  Don't get me wrong there are plenty of listing but many are for skills I don't posses or they are for way less money than I need.  Now I have considered learning one of those skills and I could learn a new skill but it would be a new skill which would put me into an entry level position.  An entry level position, for the most part won't get me the salary that I need.  Ugh.

I listen to people say that there are no jobs out there but if you go on Monster, Dice, or other sites there are tons of jobs's just a matter of finding the right job for the right salary in the right location.  Wish me luck.

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